Tuesday, August 22, 2006

All Your Brains are Belong to Us!

Well, it's here, and surprisingly, it does not suck. I know that may seem like damning with faint praise, but seriously. Being back at school does not suck. I have good classed, a good schedule, only one subject to teach now. I'm looking at my friend phil whos is teaching english AND history AND leadership AND drama AND nuclear physics AND sex ed AND beach volleyball AND the bible as history AND working as the campus computer tech and i feel very lucky. As i should, he will probably tell me.

His Dudeness and the Red Tornado have started school as well, and HD has not even done me the favor of crying, just a little bit, when i drop him off in the morning. It's like, seeya ... why are you still here? and I go off morosely to the car while he attacks a dog pile of four year olds with wood blocks and dinosaurs.

So far, i'm ok, even if I was suffering with post-migraine syndrome today and was stumbling around like a drunk person. My students, of course, have already come to view me with that mix of bemusement and fear that it usually takes them months to develop. The job that eats your life has started up again, and i guess I'm glad. But I'll be even more glad at the end of the month, when the cash drops into the bank account.


Kim said...

As soon as I can think of something witty, I'll insert it here -----> :)

Chad Grayson said...

no pressure ... did you READ this entry? the bar has not been set very high at all.

Kim said...

haha...true, I just re-read the title. Nice work, Language Arts man.

Chad Grayson said...

that's actually a historical reference. the japanese were sending messages during world war 2 to try to psych us out. one of them was "All your base are belong to us" trying to make us think they'd captured our SoCal ilitary installations.

it was intentional.

Kim said...

(sigh) It had to be intentional, didn't it? (smirks and rolls eyes)